Jaden Smith Flaunts Ripped Abs Posing Shirtless In top lingerie websites

Look out, Justin Bieber! top lingerie websites Jaden Smith posed shirtless in a pair of Calvin Klein underwear and he is definitely all grown up. Check out the hot pic here and see his amazing abs for yourself!Jaden Smith, 17, has some of the most lethal abs we’ve ever seen. He posted a photo on Instagram on Nov. 5 of himself wearing nothing but a pair of underwear, giving CK model Justin Bieber a run for his money.His shirtless pic shows off his ripped arms and chest, andit’s no surprise that the steamy shotgained over 50,000 likes in under 24 hours. It’s safe to say that Sarah Snyder is one lucky girl!

Jaden shared the black and white photo on his Instagram with the caption “You Remind Me Of A Quarter Back That Sh*t Is All In The Pass |||”, which are lyrics from the song “Digital Dash” byDrakeand Future. In the shot, Jadenhas sort of a sexy Tarzan vibe going on, with his dreadlocks splayed across his face (one fan commented that he looks like a “fierce lion in his natural habitat”). Jaden posts almost exclusively black and white photos on his account, and this is just the latest in a series of him looking relaxed while looking dramatically into the distance.

Jaden has been working top lingerie websites hard on his public image, and he gave an, er, interesting interviewtoGQon Oct. 20 about his status as a “teen actor-rapper-philosopher”. On the subject of acting spontaneously in public, he said,”Itrsquo;s so much fun. Itrsquo;s the best thing. People think yoursquo;re crazy I feel like itrsquo;s an honor, actually, for people to think Irsquo;m crazythey thought Galileo was crazy, too, you know what Irsquo;m saying? I donrsquo;t think Irsquo;m as revolutionary as Galileo, but I donrsquo;t think Irsquo;mnotas revolutionary as Galileo.” The jury’s out on whether Jaden is actually comparableto Galileo, but in the meantime, we’d be okay with it if he decidedhis next “crazy” move isto become an underwear model.

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